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The king of Moab restaurants, Eddie Mcstiff's, opened its doors in 1991. Since then, we've become the town's premier lunch and dinner venue. How did we get to the top? Mouthwatering burgers, tender steaks, and a top-shelf bar. Come for the food. Stay for the atmosphere. See why none of the other Moab Restaurants comes close.

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Eddie McStiff's Moab Restaurant History

Eddie McStiff's is one of Moab's longest standing restaurants. After 22 years in business, the Moab location is still renowned as one of Moab's most popular restaurants. The restaurants has recently undergone several renovations and upgrades. A new menu has been implemented this year and the food is better than ever!

Why Moab, Utah?

We love Moab! We love food! We love being in the restaurant business! Moab is a unique town in very unique country. When we build Eddie McStiff's we set out to provide the best dining experience in the Moab area. Today, we only want to get better and provide the best food and atmosphere for all the bikers, jeepers and runners who come into Moab for great recreation experience. We want to provide the best restaurant experience you can find.

How Eddie McStiff's Serves You!

Eddie McStiff's strive to be the pinnacle of all the Moab restaurants. We work with our service staff everyday to improve your experience while dining or hanging out at the Moab bar. Our cooks watch every meal for quality control in addition to presentation and timeliness. If you are looking for great food and a great time while you are in Moab, stop by Eddie's today and see why we are the King of the Moab Restaurants.